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My Work


Currently undertaking research into spinal degenerative joint diseases. I work at the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID) at the University of Dundee.


As part of my PhD I undertake a lot of teaching. My role is as mainly as an anatomy demonstrator within the department, however I also have experience running labs, workshops and lecturing.


I have undertaken a variety of outreach and engagement activities throughout my PhD, demonstrating an ability to communicate with a wide variety of audiences.

About Me

I am originally from South London, but I have been living in Dundee for nearly 10 years.

I have been interested in science from a young age. My first introduction to the subject was sat in a small diner with my Dad. He told me about “capillary action”, the movement of liquid in narrow spaces against forces such as gravity, using a sugar cube and a cup of tea. This seemingly insignificant conversation sparked a lifetime interest in learning and teaching.

As a child, I quickly discovered an interest in archaeology and anthropology. I have always been passionate about the insights these subjects can give us into different populations. This led me to do my undergraduate degree Forensic Anthropology at the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification within the University of Dundee. This degree gave me the opportunity to learn from internationally renowned scientists and I loved my experience so much I stayed on for my Masters by Research and now my PhD! I am keen to pass on my love for anatomy, anthropology and learning to the next generation of scientists.


Centre For Anatomy and Human Identification
Medical Sciences Institute
University of Dundee
Dow Street, Dundee DD1 5EH